Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What forms of payment are acceptable? Inmates may pay by correctional facility check, money order or MoneyGram (Federal Inmates). Friends and family ordering on behalf of an inmate may send a check or money order. Additionally, friends and family may pay by debit/credit card for online orders.
  2. How long does it take to fulfill an order? It can take 3-6 weeks to complete a mail order from a correctional facility. The time frame greatly depends on how long it takes to draw funds from an inmate’s account and how quickly the mail room processes mail. Once we receive the order and payment we typically complete our process within 7-10 days. Online orders are processed separately and are usually completed within 3 days of payment.
  3. Are online payments secure? All online payment transactions are processed by PayPal. When you “Proceed to Checkout” you are directed to PayPal and all personal information is entered on PayPal. When the payment is processed you are immediately redirected back to this site.
  4. If photos are rejected by the correctional facility can I get a refund? We do not give refunds for rejected photos. The inmate should become familiar with what is acceptable at the correctional facility before placing an order. If photos are rejected and returned to us we will forward the photos to a home address. On occasion, we will exchange the problematic photo(s) and attempt to resend to the facility. However, considering that many try to “game” the system we use our discretion when determining whether to resend to a facility.
  5. There are several models on the catalogs that are not available online, can those photos be purchased online? Because of licensing arrangements some models do not appear on this website. However, you may contact us to obtain those photos.
  6. When I pay online will I receive confirmation of my order? Yes, when your online payment is processed by PayPal you will receive an email from us within minutes of the transaction. That email acknowledges that we received your online order. Additionally, depending on your PayPal account notification preferences you should receive a PayPal receipt. When you are redirected back to our site you will land on the “Thank You” page. You can print that page as additional proof of an online order. When the order is mailed to the inmate we will email notification of completion.